At long last, here’s the video from Steve Blank’s presentation last month.

Steve Blank speaks to San Diego Tech Founders from Brant Cooper on Vimeo.

00:00 My Intro
03:17 Why Accountants Don’t Run Startups
– Old constraints on startups
– Entrepreneurial explosion
– Startups vs Small Businesses vs Large Businesses
– IBM example of big company disruptive innovation
– What did my income statement say in month 1?
– “You’ve just washed ashore on an a deserted island with a knife in your mouth and a loincloth.”
– Searching for a business model, not a business plan
– Customer Development
58:26 Atoms or Bits (New Material)
– Physical vs Online products
– History of Lean
1:03:26 Sloan vs Durant
1:08:41 Q&A
1:29:50 My Conclusion

Be sure to come check out entrepreneur turned investor Mark Suster talk to San Diego Tech Founders March 31.

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